Honourary Members

Thank you very much for your service and commitment!

Jim Butt joined the Club on 1 June 1996 and served in various leadership roles over his 24 year 'Rotary career'. His service and commitment to the Club was recognized in 2020 when he was named an Honourary Member.
Stephen McNeil was the first Honourary Member of the Rotary Club of Middleton, He was awarded this recognition because of his commitment to the people of Annapolis County while serving as MLA and then premier of the Province. Thank you for your work, Stephen!
Graham Thompson joined the Rotary Club of Middleton in 1972 and has been one of its longest serving members. Over the course of his 50 years in Rotary, he has held every Executive position in the Club. Of note is the number of years he served as the Chair of the annual fundraising Auction.